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ATC Construction Group is dedicated to adding value at every stage of the infrastructural development process for our clients in both public and private sectors. From site survey, design concept, drafting to finishing, we keep strict process supervision on over 65 employees. We also co-operate with building management offices and all the nominated sub-contractors to ensure smooth outcomes.

ATC Constructions Group's dedication to "quality and service" is demonstrated by its successful track record of over 2,000 apartments renovated in the Tri-State Area and over 600 other projects in the past 15 years.

Our vision is to be the preferred construction company within public and private sector clients seeking quality and service. This is why we are committed to a long-tern strategy of growth instituting our employees with the core values of integrity, quality, service, innovation, and social responsibility.

ATC believes that quality, commitment, and experience of our employees are the most important factors in maintaining and improving our business position. Therefore, we provide a management and working environment that is open, honest, communicative, and trusting. All employees are empowered where they are encouraged to develop their careers, gain experience, grow in confidence, and become increasingly successful. We also provide and maintain a safe working environment for our employees as well as an appropriate atmosphere. This enables them to effectively make decisive decisions and increase their problem solving skills. ATC recognizes and rewards those who maintain the standards we require, and to those who produce the business results we need to help us become more successful.

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